For each "A" achieved in core graduate courses in the Math, Science & English disciplines, VILLA will award a $25 in-store credit towards the purchase of any Jordan brand products.

Theres just a few things that need to be done to allow your student's participation in this exciting program:


  • Step


    Ensure Students Have Parental Permission

    Only students who have provided parental or guardian permission can participate in the A's for J's game. It is advised that permission slips or directions to access the online permission component of this website be furnished as quickly as possible so as not to delay participation.

    » Download Permission Slip

  • Step


    School Details & Course Catalogue

    Provide School Detail & upload your school's course catalogue. To enable us to appropriately assign grades in the separate math, science and English practices, we will need the following information:

    • Course Code or ID#

    • Course Name

    • Department Code (E for English, M for Math, S for Science)


  • Step


    Upload Grades

    Upload your student's grades using the provided grade templates. In order to credit the student appropriately, the template requires the following information:

    • Course ID

    • Student ID #

    • Numerical Grade