For each "A" your child achieves in core graduate courses in the Math, Science & English disciplines, they will receive $25 towards the purchase of Jordans at your local VILLA.

Theres just a few things that need to be done to allow your child's participation in this exciting program:


  • Step


    Make Sure Your Child Signs Up Online

    A student is not automatically enrolled in A's for J's just because their school has been selected for the program. They must sign up to participate in the game


    »Student sign up


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    Sign the Permission Slip

    Sign the permission slip that has been provided to your child or use the online signature pad. Ensure your child returns the slip as quickly as possible as to not delay participation in the game.


    » Download Permission Slip

  • Step


    View Your Child's A's

    Ask your child to login to the A's for J's web site and view all of their hard work and rewards together.